Saturday 30 July 2011

Why can't you.

Why can't you hear me.
I silently whisper to you.
Why can't you see me.
I move slowly toward you.
Why can't you love me.
I love you.

Monday 6 June 2011


Her friends don't know.
But her hearts silently breaking.
She laughs so much,
they don't know that shes faking.
Although they doesn't see,
they probably wouldn't care.
She's crying for hours on end.
Because her lifes just not fair.

Saturday 30 April 2011

It does hurt.

I told you life hurt,
you didn't believe me,
You are now crushed,
you share my pain,
the scars i can't bear,
I thought you seeing my pain would be fair,
but you hurting just hurts me so much more.


The blood spills on the ground...
she is the only one...
no one else is left...
blood is drawn...
in sacrifice of pain...

Thursday 28 April 2011

Never be happy.

So you abandoned me now,
 when I need you most,
You left me with more pain,
as it just started to go away,
now you expect me to smile,
as if everything is alright,
Don't be stupid,
as long as your hers,
I will never be completely happy.

Kill me.

Why stop now,
after all my pain,
you stop just before you kill me,
then when I'm okay,
you destroy me again,
don't I deserve to be happy?

With her.

You say you love me,
Yet your with her,
you say you don't like her,
But why do you stay with her,
What do I do now that i'm already broken,
I got no more heart to keep loving,
Please don't break my soul to,
my heart is enough.